The Fogleman Firm, LLC, is led by Franklin A. Fogleman, Jr., whose goal is to operate an aggressive, resourceful company, known for its professionalism, integrity, competence, in Mid-South agricultural, recreational, and commercial investments.

Cultivating its reputation over the years, the Fogleman Firm, LLC, works to be known as a real estate agency that dedicates its activities to thinking about how to successfully accomplish the goals of the client: the work ethic of an American farmer born into a real estate business. 

Franklin Fogleman is not only the owner of The Fogleman Firm, LLC, but he is also an experienced farmer. His knowledge and understanding allows the agency to have a keen relationship with the land, stewardship for it, and realizing that all property has value both seen and unseen. Our business is providing seasoned advice and a professional service to ensure a sound investment for generations to come. Experience with sales, lease, management, and development throughout the region hones the knowledge we gain from hard work, which in turn helps our clients make informed decisions with their own properties. Additionally, our company has a wealth of experience and familiarity regarding residential developments, commercial developments, and the development of an agriculture investment.

From large to small tracts, our company is actively engaged in matching serious investors with qualified sellers. We have experience in the industry and maintain direct contact with a wide variety of developers, commercial brokers, buyers, engineers, consultants, and industry insiders throughout North East Arkansas.