(SOLD) The Tri-County Farm


Download Informative PDFThe proprietor of this property strategically selected land to add to this portfolio just as a dedicated connoisseur of art would add a fine piece to a collection.

Tri-County Farm is a rare blend of plow, water, and productivity. This untapped mine of plenty is ripe with opportunity. Crossing those tracks and taking the journey of growth and abundance is one that will provide for generations. Simply stated: this farm has diverse soil that produces a myriad of crops; a surplus of irrigation water; and immense grain storage. Opportunities such as this do not present themselves often.

The Tri-County Farm provides a rare opportunity to purchase a highly-improved, investment-grade farm. The Tri-County Farm is offered for sale for $22,845,000.00 for 4,359 acres and all improvements.

You are highly encouraged to take a farmer-guided tour of this farm. The perspective and insight of seeing the farm through the eyes of a farmer creates a chance to see a farmer’s farm.

Franklin Fogleman

Tri-County Farm Summary

  • Location:
  • Irrigation Sources:
  • Water
  • Soils:
  • Grain Bins:
  • FSA Crop Base
  • Yields:
  • Location:  
    Crittenden, St. Francis and Cross Counties
    Farmland: 4,359.2 acres
    Cultivation - Crop: 4,077.8 acres
    CRP: 108.7 acres
    Roads, woods, shops, etc: 172.7 acres 
    Acres Irrigated: 3,848 acres 
    Acres Non-Irrigated: 229.8 acres 
    Irrigation Wells: 48
    Electric Wells: 45
    Center Pivots: 4
    Storage: 437,000 bushels
    Price: $22,845,000, 
    Contact: Franklin A. Fogleman, Jr.
Summary of Irrigation Sources:
Irrigation Wells: 48
Electric Wells: 45
Diesel Powered Wells: 3
Center Pivots: 4
Irrigation Risers: 48
Underground Pipe: 21,000 LF estimated
Summary of the Water:  
Acres Irrigated: 3,848 acres or 94.3% of cultivated acres
Acres Non-Irrigated: 229.8 acres or 5.3% of cultivated acres
Acres earth worked: 3388.76 acres 
Acres precision leveled: 2914.17 acres
Acres earth worked 2011-2015: 2357.12 acres 
Acres flood irrigated: 194.13 acres
Acre row watered: 280.16 acres
Summary of the Tri-County Farm Soils  
Type Acres Percentage
Clay based 2077 47.6
Silty clay based 1420 32.6
Silty loam based 866 19.8

Summary of Grain Bins:

(2) 30,000 bushel capacity with 40HP electric fans and electric unloads on each bin
(6) 10,000 bushel capacity with bi-bin fans and a portable electric unload
(1) 42,000 bushel capacity with 50HP electric fans and electric unload
(4) 10,000 bushel capacity with 30 HP bi-bin fans and a portable electric unload
Loop System: 10” loop with a receiving pit and drive over unload. Bins consist of (1) 23,000 bushel, (3) 30,000 bushel, (1) 50,000 and (1) 72,000 bushel.

The system is complimented with a 500 bushel per hour dryer that is powered by a natural gas.


Total Capacity: 437,000 bushels of storage

Summary of Tri-County Farm FSA Crop Base Acres:  
Crop Base Acres Support Program
Beans 3927.18 ARC - CO
Long Grain Rice 1578.4 PLC
Medium Grain Rice 180.99 PLC
Wheat 460.14 PLC
Grain Sorghum 161.2 ARC - CO
Corn 2.1 ARC - CO
Generic Base 237.6 N/A


The PLC Rice program, serves to provide price protection equal to 171,225 bushels of long grain rice at the payment rate of $6.30 per bushel.

Historical Yields:        
Year Corn Rice Soybeans Wheat
2012 NA 168 bpa 43 bpa 56 bpa
2013 150 bpa 172 bpa 44 bpa 60 bpa
2014 170 bpa 180 bpa 40 bpa 65 bpa
2015 172 bpa 174 bpa 51 bpa 61 bpa
Averages 164 bpa 174 bpa 45 bpa 61 bpa