Walnut Lake Farm

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The Walnut Lake Farm is an agriculture and recreational investment opportunity consisting 253.79 +/- acres of farmland with 198.02 +/- acres or 78% of the land in cultivation.  The farm is located in Lee County, Arkansas, Southwest of Moro, Arkansas. The farm is conveniently accessed  via an all weather road, County Road 129, very close to Highway 79.  The farm, with its loamy soils and precision leveled land, allows for a diverse mix of productive crops. 
Moro, Arkansas, Lee County, Northeast Arkansas. The fractional portion of NW 1/4, the SW 1/4 of the NE 1/4, and the N 1/2 of the SE 1/4  of Section 19, Township 2 North, Range 4 East.  
LAT/LON: 34.4675, -91.2273 
Easily accessed via County Road 129, from Highway 79. 
Acreage Allocation: 
253.79 +/- acres per Farm Service Agency 198.02 +/- acres in cultivation or 78% of acres. 
Soils Allocation: 
Foley - Bonn Complex - 59.4%, Calloway Silt Loam - 13.9%, Zachary Soils - 12.9%, Henry Silt Loams - 9.6%
The farm has gentle undulation with slopes of less than 1%. 
155.94 acres +/- acres precision leveled and irrigated with turbine wells. 42.08 acres +/- acres are not irrigated, but could be leveled.
2 -Irrigation wells powered by diesel power units
The owner will retain the diesel power units and fuel tanks.
FSA Acre Allocation: 
FSA Farm #3902 , Lee County, Arkansas
Long Grain Rice 69.44 acres 
Medium Grain Rice 6.59 acres
Wheat 41.85 acres
Soybeans 78.39 acres
All rice base acres are enrolled in the PLC program. All soybeans and wheat base acres are enrolled in the ARC - CO program.
FSA Farm #3216, Lee County, Arkansas
Soybeans 20.3 acres
All soybean base acres on this farm are enrolled in the PLC program.
The farm is currently operated by the owners.  The owners desire to lease back the farm.
Real Estate Taxes: 
Total property taxes are $1,067.07 annually. 
The hunting rights have been leased by a local hunting club.  The hunters have utilized several blinds to hunt the flooded fields.  More information available on request.
Mineral Rights: 
Any mineral rights in possession of the Seller will transfer to the Buyer at closing. 
Offering Price: 
The Walnut Lake Farm is offered for sale at $1,100,000 or $4,335 per acre.
Offering Price: (REDUCED 12/15/2017)
The Walnut Lake Farm is offered for sale at $950,000 or $3,743 per acre.
Contact Info:
For additional information regarding this property or to schedule a showing, please contact Franklin Fogleman by calling 901-674-2840.