Highway 50 Cotton Farm


The Highway 50 Cotton Farm is located in Crittenden County, Arkansas, near the town of Crawfordsville and totals 161.0 (+/-) acres. This highly productive farm is located in an area Download PDFknown throughout the Mid-South for producing high quality crops.

The Highway 50 Cotton Farm is improved with a 1/4 mile center pivot irrigation system. This general area is well known for its quality cotton crops as well as the diversity of the crops that can be raised. Yields in the area have been reported to achieve 1,200 pounds of cotton and 65 bushels of beans per acre.

The Highway 50 Cotton Farm is located on Higwhay 50, an asphalt improved road. The farm is approximately 5 miles North of Highway 64. The local FSA office is located in nearby Marion, Arkansas, and is about 15 miles to the Southheast. Memphis, Tennessee, is located about 20 miles to the southeast of the Highway 50 Cotton Farm. The Highway 50 Cotton Farm has easy access to grain merchandising services and cotton gins in Arkansas towns: Marked Tree, Osceola, Marion, West Memphis and Memphis, Tennessee.

The 159.5 (+/-) acres of total farmland have Farm Service Agency bases for wheat, grain sorghum, cotton, and soybeans. There is one well on the property. The general area is known for the easily accessed static water levels, so irrigation for the future is not a concern.

In closing, this property offers the buyer a chance for a great-yielding farm. The highly-productive soils create a great opportunity for a quality return on investment.

The property is competitively offered for sale at an asking price of $650,000.00.

Any questions concerning this offering or to schedule a tour should be directed to
Franklin Fogleman, at 901-674-2840.